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10 Days Desert Tours from Casablanca



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10 Days Desert Tours from Casablanca invites you to discover the beauty of Morocco by taking a tour of all its celebrated cities! In this 10 day Classic morocco tour, we have compiled a route of all the places most appreciated by visitors.

This tour is all about being classic in Morocco. We’ll spend lots of time away from the modern concrete buildings that all look the same. We will spend much time at riads, which are traditional Moroccan houses. We will explore the medinas of cities, which are the old medieval towns. All in all, this tour is about all that is classic about Morocco.

And what’s more classic in Morocco than visiting the good old Sahara Desert for some mystical vibes. This tour will take you to explore the Sahara like no other tour. You’ll spend lots of time in the desert landscapes, which is really great for meditation and connecting with your inner self.

The tour is guided, it begins in Marrakesh and ends in Casablanca. The Classic morocco tour 10-days journey includes scenic road trips, off-road desert drives, mind-blowing landscapes, and traditional Moroccan villages. It also features getting acquainted with Berber culture, camping, desert camel rides, hikes, and visiting kasbahs, just to mention a few activities. 

By the end of the 10 days desert tour from Casablanca, you’ll know that you’ve experienced all that is classic about Morocco. From old medinas to wild landscapes like the Sahara, and to ancient archeological sites, this tour is about the CLASSIC MOROCCO EXPERIENCE.

If you’re in doubt about what to do in Morocco, this trip is definitely your thing. Feel free to suggest anything to add to this tour that we haven’t convered. It’s your right to have fun, and it’s our duty to make that happen.

How can you book 10 days tour from Casablanca ?

For us, each traveler is unique and this is why we provide customized tours. Booking 10 days tour is really simple:

1 – You read the itinerary or you contact us directly to customize an itinerary for you.

2 –  once you are satisfied with the tour, we give you the price

3 – the price varies based on the number of travelers, their ages,  and the accommodation (Standard 3 stars, Lux 4 stars, VIP 5 stars)

Please contact us here and get a free quote.

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    • Visiting Casablanca
    • Traveling to the blue city of Morocco. Instagram city
    • Discovering Volubilis, Meknes, and the old city of Fez
    • Visiting the cleanest city in Afric, Ifran
    • feeding wild monkeys in Azrou
    • Riding camels in The desert and camping in the desert
    • Visiting games of thrones locations, especially Ait Ben Haddou and Hollywood of Africa
    • Marrakesh city tour and Essaouira


    Day 1: Casablanca to Marrakech
    Day 1: Casablanca to Marrakech

    This will be your first day in Morocco and our driver will will welcome you at the airport then you will drive directly to Marrakech.

    By the evening, you will be enjoying the Jamma el Fna square watching the snake charmers, comedians, and street artists.

    Overnight at your traditional riad in the heart of the old medina.

    Day 2: exploring Marrakech with a local guide
    Day 2: exploring Marrakech with a local guide

    This is the 2nd journey of your 10 days desert tour from Casablanca. In the morning, after breakfast, we will start exploring Marrakesh. The city is nicknamed 'The Red City', because of the natural red pigment of the sandstone used for building walls.

    The morning will start with a tour to the main square, Jemaa el-Fna. There are several famous souks here, including el Attarin, Smata, and Haddadine. On the west section of the main square can be found Koutoubia Mosque and the surrounding gardens. After this site we will eat lunch in one of the many restaurants serving local food.

    In the afternoon we will visit the medina before heading to the 16th century Ben Youssef madrasa. It is a former Islamic college, drawing visitors for its architecture and high-quality ornamentation. Carved stucco, ceramic tiles, woodwork, all executed very skillfully. Beautiful examples of cedar wood ceilings and interior courtyard can be seen. The Islamic calligraphy also is of note here.

    If we have the time we will also visit the kasbah to the south where Bahia Palace, El Badi Palace, and Saadian Tombs are located. We will end sightseeing in Marrakesh with a visit to the grand Majorelle Gardens, a property formely in the possession of the French fashion designer Yves Saint-Laurent.

    Day 3: Marrakesh - Ait Benhaddou
    Day 3: Marrakesh - Ait Benhaddou

    After breakfast, we will pick you up from your riad or hotel and set off in a comfortable air-conditioned vehicle towards Ait Benhaddou village.

    The drive offers a scenic view on the foothills of the High Atlas Mountains. We will be making several stops along the way to enable you to take pictures of these snowcapped peaks and the breathtaking landscape along Tizi n’Tichka pass (2260m in attitude).

    At Ait Benhaddou, we will visit the Ait-Ben-Haddou Kasbah, which is one of the most popular kasbahs in the country. This fortified red-earthen village is one of the most impressive historic landmarks in Morocco. The village is about 1200 years old, and most of the structures built centuries ago are still intact to this day. Roaming the beaten passageways of this historical kasbah feels like walking in the medieval world. Its authentic vibe of the past is why the city has been featured in many of the Hollywood movies such as Gladiator, Sahara, and Game of Thrones TV series.

    We will get to take pictures and learn more about the local tribes in the region. At lunch, you will get an experience of the local cuisine, eating at a local restaurant.

    In the afternoon, we will take a tour of the Kasbah of Tamdaght, 6 km from Ait Benhaddou. And in the evening hours, we will climb the fortress of Ait Benhaddou to experience a magical sunset there. Our driver will take you to your riad or hotel for the night.

    Day 4: Exploring Ouarzazate
     Day 4: Exploring Ouarzazate

    Rising early will let us witness and capture the images of the spectacular sunrise at Ait Benhaddou. After breakfast, we will be on a scenic journey towards Ouarzazate.

    Approaching the city, the climate becomes more desertlike, paving the way for an amazing desert landscape. On our way are several Berber villages we will be stopping at.

    Unlike the village of Ait Benhaddou, Ouarzazate offers a vaster range of attractions. The Atlas Film Studio is located in this town and we will make a stop there to take photos and learn about the films made there.

    Finished taking the pictures, we head downtown to explore the city. Ouarzazate is popular because of its incredible Old World features, including the architecture of the city. This is why it has been the shooting location for many popular movies like Black Hawk Down, Lawrence of Arabia, Gladiator, The Mummy, and the Game of Thrones series among others.

    We will also go to the Kasbah of Tifoultout and finish with a visit to the Ouarzazate’s Main Square. The square is home to a host of shops and restaurants selling local food and produce. It is also a good place for viewing the sunset.

    In the evening, our guide will take you to the hotel or riad for the night. Here the fourth day of our 10 Days desert tour from Casablanca comes to the end

    Day 5: Ouarzazate - Todra Gorge - Merzouga
     Day 5: Ouarzazate - Todra Gorge - Merzouga

    After breakfast, we will take a road drive towards Todra Gorge. The scenic road passes through Kalaat M’Gouna, Boumalne, and Tanghir (TINGHIR??) en route to Todra Gorge.

    Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by massive canyons that are about 400 meters deep. We will walk around the Todra Valley and tour major oases found alongside it. You will have fun hiking the Todra River gorge. The site is a perfect spot for photographing as well.

    We will be having our lunch at a restaurant serving local cuisine. Having finished lunch, we're going on a road trip towards Merzouga, where camels will be waiting for us. You will get to enjoy one of the best desert camel rides in Morocco, of about an hour and thirty minutes to Berber camp. We will climb giant sand dunes of Erg Chaabi among others.

    You will see a beautiful sunset over the dunes. The night will be spent at a Berber nomad camp, where traditional food will be served. You will be entertained by classical Berber music and dancing around the campfire.

    Day 6: Exploring Merzouga
     Day 6: Exploring Merzouga

    We will wake up early in the morning to experience the magical view of the sunrise on top of the dunes in the Merzouga desert. Our tour guide will wake you up to ensure you don’t miss the desert sunrise.

    You need to bring a camera if you want to capture this moment. A camel ride will take you back to your riad or hotel. At the hotel, our driver will be ready to take you on an immersing drive into the Merzouga desert.

    After freshening up, an air-conditioned 4x4 off-road vehicle is at your service for a ride to Hassilabied and Khamlia villages. We will meet nomads encamping in the desert on the way. We will also have an opportunity to get acquainted with live Gnawa music by the Gnawa tribe.

    The off-road trip will head deeper into the Sahara to Lake Dayte Sarje, to several oases near the dunes, and a visit to see black volcanic rocks. We will then stop by Rissani, exploring its souks and bazaars for the best part of the afternoon.

    In the evening, we will drive you back to your riad or hotel in Merzouga.

    Day 7: Merzouga - Fes
    Day 7: Merzouga - Fes

    Our 10 Days Desert tour from Casablanca continues today to see other beutiful attractions. After breakfast, we have a long road trip ahead of us: more than 470 km from Merzouga to Midelt.

    There are several stops along the way to see the most popular attractions. One of the popular cities on the way to Midelt is Erfoud. It is referred to as the fossil city of Morocco due to its rich fossil deposits. So, we will visit a local craft workshop to see how the fossil is extracted from bedrock. The city also boasts many restaurants where you can have a bite of local food. Other places we will visit are Erfoud, Aoufous, the Ziz Valley and Errachidia.

    You will get a chance to visit Berber villages along the way, and take pictures. Then the oasis of Aoufous. It is another must-see place. The panoramic views of the oasis is part of what make it so popular.

    After Launch, we will set off towards the city of Fes. A number of popular tourist spots are on the route. We will pass through such significant towns as Zaida and Timahdte before arriving at a cedar forest near Azrou. This forest is known for its amiable Barbary macaque monkeys.

    From Azrou, we will take a spectacular road drive to Ifrane. The city is also known as the Moroccan Switzerland because of its clean environment. In fact, it has been recognized as the second cleanest city in the world. You will detect the change in the envoronment immediately after entering the city. The first settlement of the area was in the 16th century.

    By the evening, we will be in Fes.

    Day 8: Exploring the Medieval City of Fes with a local guide
     Day 8: Exploring the Medieval City of Fes with a local guide

    In the morning, we will pick you up from your riad or hotel and set off to explore the city of Fes. Fes is the oldest of the four imperial cities of Morocco. For over 1200 years since it was founded, the city has remained untouched. Therefore, its ancient features are still intact.

    A stroll on the streets of Fes is like living in the ancient world, walking the streets truly feels like being in medieval Morocco. We will start with medieval Fes. Our first visit will be to the two medina quarters where we will get to marvel at the centuries-old streets there.

    Fes el Bali is one of the popular medinas in Fes and the largest intact medina in the world. From here, you can see a breathtaking sight of the minaret of the famous Medersa Bou Inania. We will visit Medersa el-Attarine before going to lunch.

    In the afternoon we will see more sites, including the medieval Quaraouiyine Mosque built in AD 857. Its prayer hall can hold up to 20,000 worshipers and the mosque hosts the world’s oldest library. In the library's collection is a Qur’an from the 9th century. We go on to visit the old Mellah (Jewish Quarter) in Fes el Jedid as well as the site of the Royal Palace right next to it.

    Other attractions of the day are Bab Bou Jeloud, Chouara Tannery, and the Ibn Danan synagogue.

    Day 9 : Fes - Meknes
     Day 9 : Fes - Meknes

    If you love photographing and want to capture the empty streets of Fes’ medina, waking up early in the morning is important. Then you will also be part of a spectacular sunrise above Fes.

    After breakfast, there will be more of the modern and medieval Fes to explore, for example, Bou Jeloud gardens and Jnan Sbil Park. We will visit Ville Nouvelle, home to many attractions, including striking fountains, shopping locations, mosques, and cultural venues. The different architecture of the Ville Nouvelle will blow your mind away.

    After lunchtime we'll be on an exciting road trip to Meknes. The imperial city of Meknes has much in common with Fes when it comes to blending ancient and modern qualities of civilization. Among the major attractions of the city are the Imperial City and the bustling medina of locals.

    As the city's roots stretch back to the 9th century, there are a lot of historical attractions like centuries-old ruins to explore. Meknes has vibrant souks which we will also go see during the day.

    Fo the night, this day will be scheduled based on your flight details. If you fly from Casablanca or Rabat, we can drive for a hotel in Rabat or Casablanca. However, if you fly from Fes, we will come back to your hotel in Fes.

    Day 10: End of 10 Day Desert Tour from Casablanca
    Day 10: End of 10 Day Desert Tour from Casablanca

    Here comes the end of your 10 Days desert tour from Casablanca. Based on your flight details, your driver will take you to the airport.

    If you want to customize this tour or get a free quotation, please CLICK on BOOK NOW below if you use mobile or on the right side if you use a desktop and send us your inquiry. We will do our best to help you.


    • Hotels and Accommodation
    • Fuel & parking
    • Local guides in Fes, Marrakech and Meknes
    • Multilingual driver/guide
    • Pick up and drop off from Airport/Hotel/Riad
    • Transportation in comfortable air-conditioned 4×4/minibus vehicle
    • Entrance tickets to monuments and museums
    • Flight tickets
    • Personal expenses
    • Services not specifically stated in the itinerary
    • Tips to guide and driver

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    Based on 4 reviews
    Very Good
    Atlas Excursion offers the best travel and tours in Morocco. We offer all kinds of tours that can start anywhere in Morocco. Also, we are flexible and allow to our clients to customize their tours.

    Mr. Macknipe


    Not sure if Morocco is for you?

    So your friend & family are telling you that your crazy for wanting to see North Africa. Your worried that you are going to be harassed. Your worried if Morocco is safe, etc. Well I'm here to tell you Hassan Oudy is the man to assail all your fears and worries.. If you enjoying seeing other cultures, growing your empathy and experiencing life outside your local bubble, this is the guide for you. Hassan will bring your dreams into reality. Come marvel at this land called Morocco from tales of olde. Ride a camel in the Sahara desert, see the wonder of a Mosque built on the sea, there are so many sights it will boggle your mind. Enjoy your trip into the unknown, in the wise and kind care of Atlas Excursion. Tenmirght
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    Atlas Excursion offers the best travel and tours in Morocco. We offer all kinds of tours that can start anywhere in Morocco. Also, we are flexible and allow to our clients to customize their tours.



    The magic of Morocco

    The tour itinerary was well organized and put together. It covered most of the highlights of Morocco and focused on local cultural experiences - hike in the High Atlas, camel ride in Sahara Desert, Hammam spa, etc. Our tour leader, Hassan was professional and very accommodating to our needs and requests.
    Atlas Excursion offers the best travel and tours in Morocco. We offer all kinds of tours that can start anywhere in Morocco. Also, we are flexible and allow to our clients to customize their tours.

    Luca S.


    Trip in Morocco desert by camel

    had a great trip in Morocco Sahara Desert by camels into nomadic tent is an experience never forget. it's magic night under stars and magic view of sand dunes. the team is great and helpful. recommend to everyone want to get real desert experience
    Atlas Excursion offers the best travel and tours in Morocco. We offer all kinds of tours that can start anywhere in Morocco. Also, we are flexible and allow to our clients to customize their tours.

    Leo M


    Great Tour

    We had an absolute great time and everything went off without a hitch. It was amazing how much if Morocco we actually covered. It’s such an amazing country. Ali (our tour guide) was great. He was very patient the whole time and truly worked with us. We had little kids in our group and he was very friendly and flexible. Highly recommend them (Atlas Excursion). The vehicle was great and reliable. The accommodations did not disappoint at all. They were always punctual. Highly recommend them, especially the desert camp. Hope to come back to Morocco and have more time to explore more and more! Thanks Ali and Atlas Excursion for any amazing experience
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